Thursday 29 December 2022

Welding repairs for holiday cottage

 I found a very useful tool for the owners of holiday rental cottages. It is a plastic welding kit. It is pretty effective, after practice, at repairing broken plastic household items when glue cannot fix the breakage.

This is the one I purchased from Amazon.:

And here's the link:  This is valid at the time of editing, but may change. There's a good variety of these devices. The deciding factor for me was 140Watt rating. 

So if you have a guest who cracks a wheelie bin or the cover for the hot tub, there is a good chance you can quickly fabricate a neat strong repair. There's loads of youtube videos demonstrating the repair process, so I'm not going to document the process.

Today, as a practice piece, I was able to restore the handles of some kitchen scissors. The next on the list is a the lid of a wheelie bin that became cracked about 18 months ago.