Tuesday 26 February 2019

Junking the Indesit Washing Machine

Our last set of guests in our holiday cottage reported the Indesit washer/dryer machine failed leaving them with wet clothes. This machine was hardly ever used by our guests and is just a couple of years old. It's purchase price was £315, but it has cost us more because we've had to close the cottage for rental until it can be fixed or replaced. 

The engineer came and visited yesterday. After three minutes' diagnostics he declared the machine to be beyond economical repair as the main circuit board had failed. Apparently, it's a common fault with the Indesit machine (Model IWDD 6105).  Of course it is out of the main warranty period.

We've opted to pay £700 for a good quality Bosch machine to replace it. It won't be used much by our guests, but it is worth the peace of mind.  Meanwhile Indesit junk will never darken our doors again.

Note (17/4/19): The guy who supplied the new machine, had a delay in getting the appropriate machine, form Bosch. He usually gets the machine in a couple of days, but Bosch were "out of stock" of our model. We lost two weeks rental because of this delay. The joys of running a rental self catering holiday home!

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