Tuesday 22 October 2019


Last night I called by the cottage to put out the filled recycling bin for collection by the Local Authority. Our previous guests had neglected to do this, despite the guidance in the handbook. The recycling rubbish is collected only on alternate weeks so if you miss a collection, it is a further two week delay.

Unfortunately, this morning, I found the recycling bin not emptied and tagged by the Local Authority as not collected due to plastics being mixed with the  paper items section. 

Plastics, aluminium foil, plastic film all in the paper bin;

What more can we do? We give clear instructions in the cottage handbook for guests and each section of the recycling bin is clearly labelled as to what goes where, we also provide the Local Authority Guide on recycling but still the guests get it wrong. It is in effect pure laziness!  The outcome is that I'll have to bin-dive and sort the rubbish,  store it, then wait a further two weeks for this rubbish to be collected.

I don't blame the Local Authority for refusing to collect this time. I'd put the bin out in the dark the previous evening and not spotted the mixing. The Local Authority would have to pay extra to the recycling company for contaminated recycling if they'd taken this load.  Maybe I should talk with the Holiday Agency (Sykes) and devise a method of charging back the cost to the guests who do not follow the rules?

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