Monday 22 June 2020

At last a genuine UV-C Lamp to disinfect the cottage

At long last, after previously buying a fake, I've found a UK based supplier to provide a UV-C lamp unit, 230V AC and 72 Watts power.  It uses Philips lamps, not some obscure Chinese make, so it should be possible to get spare light tubes when you break them. They are not LED, but mercury vapour discharge technology.

If found a few other suppliers, but they were either asking "Covid Prices" north of £500 or were awaiting stock, but no firm delivery date.

I've ordered a UV-C lamp and a tripod stand, which should arrive in a couple of days via DPD.  I took the trouble to research the company and also phone them to discuss my requirement. They can be found at . Remember if you use this type of light wear appropriate PPE to protect yourself and others from the UV-C light as it can damage your eyes and can cause long term damage to your skin by altering your DNA.

It takes about 15 minutes to treat a room, depending on the size of the room and the power of the lamp. The process is very much:

  1. Position the lamp
  2. Prevent unauthorised access during the treatment
  3. Leave the room, and make sure other leave too.
  4. Switch on the lamp
  5. Avoid the temptation to peek and switch off the power after the due time
  6. Return to the room 
The UV-C light is also effective in killing the eggs of fleas, mites and moths; but needs a longer exposure. This could be handy in treating an infestation if you allow pets in the cottage.

Edit: 26/06/2020

The new UV-C lamp has arrived. It is sturdy and well constructed. Including the purpose made tripod, shipping and VAT the bill was £266.  For safety purposes we use a UV-C meter to check exposure levels.

UV-C Lamp
Using a UV-C (Ultraviolet) Lamp to sterilize holiday cottage

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