Friday 25 December 2015

Does the Holiday Cottage need WiFi Internet?

You may think people staying in a holiday cottage will want to get away from regular life and not spend time on the Internet. However we've found it is an essential Utility service for guests staying at our cottage. Our cottage sleeps two persons. Those guests will typically consume 1.5 Gb of Internet bandwidth per 24 hours during their stay. Some people have used a lot more. The speed of our link is around 16 Mbps.

We have found we had to go for an unlimited usage allowance as our guests will use 50 Gb of bandwidth during a month. Our TV in the cottage uses Freesat to deliver routine services so it does not place demands on the Internet link. We have the option to increase the speed using Fibre optic Internet and we already have a standby Internet solution if for any reason our main link fails. We use a business quality service to provide a quicker fix time for when faults occur.

The problem for some holiday cottage owners is their building is in a remote location with poor Internet connections. This will put them at a disadvantage compared to better served locations and as guests become more technically savvy, matters will get worse.

Edit: 7th Jan 2016
Correction: We've a young couple staying in the cottage at the moment and they are burning through 10GB per day. The usage allowance should be 300 GB per month! Owing to personal circumstances, they are using the cottage as temporary accommodation rather than a holiday home.

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