Sunday 2 October 2016

A new fence for the cottage

Our cottage is a Victorian terrace block of three houses. They are small 2 Up 2 Down style buildings built originally for quarry workers. When they were build there were no bath rooms, the toilet was in a an outhouse and the bin was a tin tub in the kitchen. The back yards of the cottages is an open brick surfaced area shared between the cottages. 

When we purchased the place a couple of years ago there was a tatty dividing wooden picket fence across the back yard to separate us from the neighbouring house. The fence is not our "responsibility" as in was owned by next-door's landlord.

We are a pet friendly holiday cottage which means we have to make sure any guests' pets do not stray from the back yard. We renewed all of the fences around the property when we refurbished the place, except for the neighbour's yard fence. However the extent of wood rot in the neighbours fence became so great the fence fell over. So this summer I built a new fence from raw timber and with our neighbour's permission installed a new fence in the yard.  Another expense to be charged against out "profits".

Thank heavens for PostCrete to assist in installing the fence and gateposts. My own design picket gate swings nicely and latches reliably every time.

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