Sunday 2 October 2016

Problem guests

Most of the guests staying in our holiday cottage are delightful and we enjoy having them stay. However there are those who stretch our patience and we wish they'd never booked in the first place, let alone do a repeat booking. We don't make a fortune from the rental fees so it is not as though we are offering the Ritz in terms of accommodation. Sometimes people expect too much.

We allow guests to bring their pet, for example a large dog or two small ones. We have two boisterous German Shepherd Dogs in our own home and know that dogs, if properly trained are no problem and cause no real damage. They do make carpets dirtier and sometimes scratch paint work, but we've already allowed for that in our cleaning/decorating budget. From the pet owner's side there is the obvious benefit that they save of boarding fees and their pets are less likely to be distressed.  

We recently had a couple arrive and they had a large dog. They arrived straight from their journey to Derbyshire, but had not given their dog a chance to "stretch its legs". I was showing the guests around the cottage and their male Labrador lifted its hind leg and urinated over the settee and carpet. After they'd left we had to get a professional cleaner in to clean the carpet and furniture to remove the "markers" left by the dog.

Another couple complained to the rental company because I'd taken too long in showing them around the cottage on arrival and because the security light over the back yard wasn't working. If they'd listened to my greetings briefing they'd remember I'd said "call me (via a freephone) if anything wasn't working as it should be and we'll try and fix it". This same couple left the cottage dirty and rubbish on the kitchen work tops. They also left wet towels on the bed on departure causing us to have to swap out the bed mattress in time for hand over to the following guests. We installed a new security light over the back door before handover to the next guests.

Other guests have left dog poo in the garden even though we provide free dog poo bags.

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