Tuesday 30 April 2019

Washing Load

Our guests rarely see is the amount of work involved in preparing for each guest holiday. Here's a photo of a laundry collection after a couple of guests have left after a week's stay. It represents 2-3 loads in our large washing machine.

Part of that load are cushion covers for the settee in the lounge. One of them became heavily stained by one of the guests. This occurred a few days after we'd installed freshly laundered cushion covers on the settee.  It's a grease stain which required us to use solvents to remove the mark.

At least twice a month we take bedding to a local laundry service to have bed linen professionally ironed. The costs of this facility mount up, but it improves the quality offered to our guests. Typically we spend around £12 per booking visit for this service, this excludes the  costs of first running the load through our washing machine and dryer. Here's a copy of one of the bills.

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