Monday 13 May 2019

Lock replacement

I've finally got around to the task of replacing the door locks at the holiday cottage. Our guests have occasionally complained the door locks were awkward to use, culminating in me having to do a rush visit to the cottage on Easter Sunday to rescue a guest who couldn't lock the doors and wanted to go out.
I've invested in good quality english made security  lever locks for both the front and back doors. I specified "keyed alike" locks so the same key will open both the front and back door.  These locks were purchased from, who gave a good service level.

As I was replacing relatively modern security locks of the same size and style, you'd think it would be a relatively straightforward swap out. No, of course not, there were some variations which meant I ended up doing three return trips from Belper to the cottage to fetch extra tools. Years of maintenance on the cheap in prior years had its pay-back in terms of complexity in the tasks of removing the old locks and getting the new locks to fit in the right place.

Now all is sweet  and the new locks operate well. All the keys have been replaced and labelled. The guests will find the new keys much more simple to use.

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