Friday 6 March 2020

Planning for Coronavirus / Covid-19 in the holiday home rental

We've done some planning in preparation for Covid-19 in relation to our holiday home. We're assuming business as usual, but have already topped up with supplies such as guest soap, toilet paper, disinfectant.  This is the notice that will greet our guests in addition to the normal handbook:

Covid-19/Corona Virus guidance

The holiday cottage is a low risk location of exposure to the virus, but as it is effectively a public space some measures are in place as a precaution. It is believed the virus is mainly spread by the droplets from coughs and sneezes. These droplets land on the person or on surfaces a person may touch. Infection may occur if you breathe in the droplets or touch your mouth, eyes or nose with infected hands. It is believed the virus can remain active for 10 days on surfaces.

For Guests

Please wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds with soap and water if you’ve been in public areas which might have been infected. Do this also before meals. before preparing food and after using the toilet.

If you cough or sneeze, direct it into a tissue, then dispose of the tissue.

If you believe you may have been infected and show symptoms during your stay, or within 10 days after your departure. Call 111 on your phone for advice and then please let the cottage owners and Sykes know immediately.

We have provided a water based biocide in a spray bottle kept under the kitchen sink. It can be used to treat hard surfaces. Do not use it on food, electrical items, fabrics or naked skin. Do not breath in the spray or get it in your eyes. Wipe off after use with a paper kitchen towel.

By the owners

As routine we clean the premises between guest stays in the cottage. We swap out bed linen and towels. We clean the bathroom and the kitchen surfaces. We also check crockery, saucepans, cutlery, etc. and clean as necessary.

While there is a Covid-19 alert, during the end of rental “turn-around” we will treat additional areas that are exposed to human touch. We use a professional antibacterial/biocide which is effective on virus. We’ll leave a checklist for the guests, but typically this will include door and equipment handles, table tops, work surfaces, bathroom fittings, furniture handles, stair bannisters, light switches, phone, TV controls, key safe, equipment controls, brush handles, bin lids.

All left over food stuffs, cans, packets will be disposed of or cleaned as appropriate.

In the event of a known or suspected infection linked to the cottage, we’ll advise guests via Sykes Holiday Cottages. We will then arrange for the cottage to be closed for deep clean, unless special arrangements are required for self-isolation.

Note: having had sewer/river flooding in our home during last November has given us too much experience of safely clearing up smelly infectious surfaces. A deep clean in the cottage is relatively straight forward in comparison, but it will take more than the three hours allowed for a normal changeover.

What the virus could be like?

Edit 26/5/20: more recent news on the precautions is listed here:

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