Friday 27 March 2020

Redecorating during Covid-19

With the lockdown on holiday homes and suspension of bookings we taken the time to redecorate our holiday home. We already have a cache of paint and started work until the rules tightened preventing non-essential travel. We now visit once a week to comply with insurance obligations, but that is just one person alone in the car and a door to door trip, not interacting with other people.

However when we were preparing to decorate we found a pair of the bed pillows tucked away out of sight in one the high cupboards in the cottage. One of our guests had used them as a dog bed without any protective covers. The pillows are covered with dog hair and will have to be binned. Another £20 down the drain. I'm beginning to wonder if the majority of guests think it acceptable to behave anti-socially. We should perhaps cease to allow guests to bring their pets to stay at the cottage.

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