Monday 21 June 2021

Stubborn carpet stain

 We've noticed a carpet stain on the front room of the holiday cottage. It appeared some time ago after one guest check out, but we are not sure what caused it. Following this we had all of the carpets cleaned by a professional cleaning company. However they were not successful in removing the stain. After the most recent guest we noticed the staining was looking particularly bad.

Carpet stain by front door of cottage

We were coming to the conclusion that we might have to have a new carpet laid in the lounge. This would have been annoying as the carpet is only a couple of years old. I thought I'd give one last attempt to clean the stain myself and after some research I settled on a Karcher Carpet Cleaner (Puzzi 10/1 model) on hire from Brandon Hire Station. Once all of the extras, such as cleaning solutions and tax, were taken into account the bill for a day's rental came to 39 GBP. Not cheap, but an awful lot less than buying a new carpet. The cleaner is professional quality, but small enough to fit in a car boot/trunk for transport.

After 30 minutes of cleaning work, we had a pretty good result. The cleaner left the carpet fairly dry. We only needed to close the cottage to rentals for a day. The water in the waste bucket of the cleaner was quite dirty after the process.

Needless to say, the earlier mentioned professional cleaning company will not be getting any repeat business from us. They should have been able to deal with those stains. If only we could have identified which guests caused the stains so that we could bill them (£47) for the cost of stain removal. Essentially they must have spilled something sticky, on the carpet, that was accumulating dirt, probably a sugary soft drink.

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