Tuesday 1 September 2015

It fell apart in me 'ands

We arrived at the holiday home this morning at 10:15 am to clean the place ready for the next rentals. We found the place still occupied by the most recent guests. The check-out time is 10 am as stated on the booking form and the Guest's Handbook. They needed to stay until mid-day as there was no earlier train.  We agreed to come back in the afternoon. Fortunately there's no new guests arriving today.

When we visited the cottage in the afternoon it was vacated, clean and tidy. We did however find a note warning us the control knob on the almost new cooker had fallen off when they were using it. They also warned the towel rail was broken in the bathroom. Unwelcome news, but at least they owned up to the damage during the stay, so we have a chance to fix it. The joys of renting a holiday home out to strangers. I've no doubt the damage was not intentional and we certainly won't charge them for the repairs.

Oh well I'm back off the the cottage, this evening, with my tool bag in hand. As I said earlier a good job we didn't have new guests arriving today.

Edit: It is all fixed now. Closer inspection shows the tradesman we employed to originally affix the towel rail used the wrong type of plug to hold the screws. He'd used the ones designed for for cavity walls, but in a solid wall. The resultant hole in the wall did not give enough strength. There's now some deeper holes drilled in the wall plus some adhesive filler to consolidate the crumbly plaster at the surface. The cooker knob was fixed with a few drops of Loctite thread lock solution.

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