Friday 28 August 2015

Travelling to the Holiday Cottage

This week's guests in the  cottage travelled to us in Derbyshire from London. Unusually they travelled by train. Most of our guests arrive by car. The trip on the train from London to Derby city is easy. It takes between two hours to two and a half hours, and you usually don't have to change trains. By car the same trip can take upwards of three hours depending on the level of congestion on the motorway.

The last leg of their journey involved a couple of changes, they had to catch a local train from Derby to Duffield (about 10 minutes). From Duffield they travelled on the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway. The EVR is one of those private tourist rail services run by enthusiastic volunteers. During the summer the services are reasonably frequent.

I was a bit surprised when our guests turned up on foot at the front door of the cottage. They were exactly on time and carried only a small rucksack each. They are obviously used to this style of travel though it is the first time they'd visited Wirksworth. The town is small,but has a heritage going back hundreds of years, some of it is pre-Roman.

The organisers of the EVR were pleased their service had been used for part of a long distance journey.

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