Sunday 11 October 2015

A flood in the Cottage

We've just returned from checking the cottage after the last guests. They'd left it clean and tidy, with nice comments in the visitor book. However on my way out I glanced up at the ceiling in the kitchen. There was a water stain and damaged plaster. Some how they'd managed to flood the shower and it overflowed flooding  the bathroom. We'll need to do some urgent repair work to get the place ready for our next guest in a few days time.

When we check the laundry basket we discovered they'd used up the stock of towels to dry up the flooding. We normally leave enough linen stock for two weeks. These people were staying for three nights!

No profit from those guests. Hopefully we can fix the damage before the next one.  We know the shower drain was unblocked as we check it prior to each rental.

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