Friday 2 October 2015

Grubby guests

We've just got back from cleaning the cottage in time for an urgent booking. The new couple of guests had been on a canal cruising holiday, but the engine on the rented narrow boat failed. We had a call from our holiday cottage agency: "Could we accommodate some guests in two hours time?" We were travelling in our car to go shopping at the time of the call, and had not planned on cleaning the cottage until tomorrow. However we agreed to accept the new booking.

We can usually clean the cottage, clean the windows and change all the linen in about one hour's work. However when we arrived we found the previous guests had not cleaned up after themselves. The cleaning process took just over two hours. The cooker had been left greasy. The oven hadn't been cleaned after baking/roasting. Oven trays were dirty.  Crockery needed to be properly washed and dried. Worktops were greasy. The bathroom needed some hard work and there was dirt on some of the carpets.  Fortunately our new guests did not arrive until an hour after we'd finished.

It makes you wonder what the previous guest's own property is like?  A mess?

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