Friday 24 May 2019

Bright Orange door

It was good to be greeted by the newly painted front door at the cottage. A cheerful bright orange in the sunlight, not exactly fluorescent orange but quite bright. I'd intended something closer to post office red (RAL 3028), but I chose the colour of the paint at night guided by the display on my PC. A happy accident you might say.

We were there for a typical end of week/new guest 10:00 am turnround cleaning session. The usual problems:
  • Rubbish bins had not been put out for collection and were full;
  • Stains on the furniture covers, and not advised to us;
  • Kitchen utensils grubby
  • Broken kitchen glassware, not advised to us;
  • Builder's rubble on our garden from the adjoining property;
  • Gate latch broken by the builder.

All dealt with, and the usual smile on our faces, before the next guests arrive at 2:00 pm.

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