Saturday 18 May 2019

Would they do this in their own home?

Today we performed a turnaround session to ready the holiday home for our next set of guests. As usual all the linen and towels were changed, windows cleaned, the whole house vacuumed and dusted clean, and the kitchen/bathroom cleaned. My wife noticed the shower drain was running slowly. Unfortunately I didn't have the appropriate equipment with me to clean the drain. So it required a second 16 mile round trip to the cottage with the right tools; some caustic soda and a bath drain plunger.
I've become used to the routine clearance process. Trip some caustic soda down the drain and top up with half a cup of water. It heats the drain trap water to boiling and also dissolves and grease or soap. I then leave it for half an hour to work its magic. After giving the chemical time to work, I then attack the drain with the bath plunger and some running water. After a few pumps of the plunger handle the blockage is usually cleared and flushes away. In this case I noticed a strange black substance emerging from the drain hole. Reaching down I discovered it was a large clog of wiry black dog hair. I pulled the clog free and the drain rapidly began to clear itself.

The dog hair blob

One of the recent guests must have showered their dog in the bathroom shower cubicle. Uggh! They must have known the dog hair had clogged the drain because it had been obviously draining really slowly. However, they didn't have the courtesy to let us know the drain was blocked. It is a good job that we try to check everything on a turnaround. This is sometimes difficult if new guests are arriving the same day as the previous ones left and time is short.

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