Saturday 5 September 2020

Cottage Cleaning in a Covid-19 era

 We've just finished cleaning the cottage after our first guests after we re-opened the cottage to rental in the Covid-19 era. A one bedroom cottage, the two guests stayed for three nights. Cleaning time was three hours, including steam and Ultraviolet-C sterilisation. On top of this was an additional 30 minutes documentation time.  It created a mound of items for transport to/from the cottage. 

Here's an example of the additional documentation we produce: 📋 It is available online for our guests to reference.

We note that the guests neglected to fill in the Track and Trace forms, we'd left for them, giving their contact details. Whilst we can follow up via the Sykes Agency, it adds delay and complexity to the tracking process.  There's no way they could have missed the forms because we'd placed the WiFi password at the top of the contact forms.

Edit 26th Sept 2020: For each cleaning session, we now produce checklists and video the results. This information can be accessed here: 💭

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