Friday 18 September 2020

Using video processing for the Self Catering Holiday Cottage.

 We been using digital video cameras for some time in our other businesses in the production of training videos. To aid that process we use Cyberlink's video editing software called PowerDirector. We then host the video on This allows advert free content which can be reliably streamed to multiple devices across the Internet.

In the new Covid-19 cleaning regime for our holiday cottage, we now produce a complete video of the cottage interior after every turnaround cleaning session between guests. We use a GoPro Hero 5 for quick and fuss free filming. When we get home it only takes 20 minutes to produce the video and upload it to  This video output has proved extremely helpful and cost effective in resolving any post visit guest queries. We've found recently that Covid-19 staycation guests' expectations can exceed the norm, and they look to reduce costs by threatening to post unrealistic visit comments. This change of guest behaviour often feature in comments in the cottage owners Facebook group.

One of the features of the Cyberlink PowerDirector is the ability to easily apply preset Colour Lookup Tables (LUTs) to individual  video clips. These can significantly improve the quality of the output to get a more lifelike rendering on the video. The contemporaneous video  of the cottage also supplements the inventory list of the cottage contents.

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