Thursday 3 September 2020

Rotating Guest Consumables in our holiday cottage - Covid-19

 As part of the guest supplies for our holiday cottage we provide items such as hand soap, paper kitchen towels, washing up liquid, cooking foil, tissues, clingfilm (saran wrap), disinfectant, washing machine powder, ground pepper, salt. With the exception of hand soap, most of that is only partially used in a typical week long stay. We retain these supplies for the next guest, and normally replace them when the consumable has been fully used up or expired. It keeps down costs to the guest, but also saves them from the need to bring such items or to purchase for the duration of their holiday.

However in these times of Covid-19 Virus we cannot follow those practices. We have to remove any items which may have been touched by an infected guest but are not possible to safely disinfect. This could include paper goods or other items with a sensitive wrapping. The virus can remain live on the surface of some items for up to a week.  While we could use Ultraviolet-C light it would require careful manipulation of the item to ensure a full disinfection exposure. 

We have chosen to rotate items from the cottage during the cleaning process. They'll be replaced by identical items that have been stored for at least 10 days during which time an surface virus should have degraded.  So we're marking each item with a Rota Label; Rota A, Rota B, Rota C. During each cleaning process we'll replace the previous Rota with the next in the series. We've been busy making up cleaning boxes containing all the necessary items. Each item os labelled according to its rota. It does mean we've had to purchase several times the usual amount of consumables, but it will increase the safety for our guests.

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