Wednesday 26 August 2015

Increasing the comfort at the holiday home

Yesterday we delivered a new mattress and pillows for the bed at the holiday home. When we originally furnished the place last year we chose new furniture. However the budget was limited as we were uncertain as to the financial success of the project. So the bed was of reasonable quality, but not really luxurious.

This year, following a change of agents to Sykes, we have been booked just about every week of the holiday season. We are going to make a small operating profit of income over running expenses. We decided to upgrade the bed and also add a casual chair to the lounge. The new pillows and mattress are much more comfortable. The chair came from a local antiques store, it also is very comfortable as a reading chair. We'd received no direct comments from our guests about poor quality furnishings, in fact several praised the quality, but it was not up to the quality we'd expect. Inside the house the furnishing and linen is of the same quality you'd receive in a four star hotel.

As we were driving to install the new bedding we had another call from Sykes. Someone wanted to take the cottage from today. We've been fully booked through August and now September is filling too.

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