Friday 7 August 2015

New washing machine up and running.

The replacement washing machine was delivered bang on time this morning. It is now installed by me and is undergoing the "First Wash" after delivery. So all should be ready in time for our new guests this afternoon. The installation was a bit fiddly but went well without any major hitches. We aim to provide a comfortable clean environment for our guests. It is not luxurious because we allow guests to bring a pet. We've learned that if an item of equipment fails in the cottage  it is best to replace it with new as quickly as possible and without any quibble.

We turned up at the cottage at 10:00 am, the official check-out time, to find the earlier guests still in residence. We said it was no problem, but we had to come in to un-install the failed machine, ready for collection by the delivery men.

While checking the furniture after the departure of the renters we found they'd managed to spill some liquid and stain the sofa base. I wish they'd told us in case some remedial action was required prior to the next guest. Arrgh!

We need to be sure our guests have access to the operating instructions on the washer/dryer machine. To an inexperienced man the various dials and soap containers do look complicated. We also have to guard against someone losing the only copy of the manual, so I took the original home. Once there I cut it into individual pages and scanned them into my PC. Once done I was able to print a new copy and leave that in the Guests Cottage Manual. The following day I discovered an electronic version of the washer/dryer instruction on-line on the manufacturer's website, so I didn't need to scan.

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