Tuesday 11 August 2015

Why did we leave London?

Life in Derbyshire with us on pensions and some income from the holiday home is a bit like being on permanent holiday. We don't have anything like the disposable income we used to have, but I've just been listening to the London News. Yet two more 24 hour London Underground strikes because the management and the Unions can't agree on a package to introduce 24 hour trains.  London gets ever more crowded and house prices keep rising so our children can't afford to buy.  Some thirty years ago we bought a Victorian terraced house in London. Its price was 3.5 times my salary as a junior manager.  The same house is now priced 15  times my son's annual salary and his work is similar level to mine 30 years ago. How can our kids afford to raise a family?

So the City is crowded, the transport is overloaded, housing is too expensive, schools are overfull. In Derbyshire today my main problem was the freezer in the holiday home hadn't defrosted because I'd not turned it off properly. Walk into Wirksworth town and even strangers will say hello to you.

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