Tuesday 11 August 2015

Run out of time - must dash

We popped into the holiday cottage in Wirksworth to collect the laundry after the departure of the guests. They'd actually left dirty dishes in the kitchen sink and stuff in the fridge. It was a bit like the Marie Celeste, as though they suddenly had to leave before finishing. The rest of the house was clean and tidy, it was just those few dishes. It's no great problem for us to wash them up.  I wondered how the couple felt as they were driving home along the motorway and the realisation came to them that they'd left a mess for us to handle?

The agency who organises the rental asks our guests to rate their experience at our cottage. There's review sites like Tripadvisor where comments can be left by visitors to our cottage. However there doesn't seem to be the reverse, a central site where holiday home owners can rate their visitors.

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